Customs Facility

Customs Facility

GAF picture500Customs / CBP General Aviation Facility
America’s Best Tech Stop

Making arrangements for an international inbound clearance can be daunting and full of variables. Lane Aviation’s staff is standing by to anticipate and meet your every need while getting you on your way as fast as possible.

Our Quick Turn Commitment (QTC) is a first in the industry and is dedicated to making your next stop in Columbus as pleasant and quick as possible.

• 24/7 Operations with proper notice to CBP
• Quick Turn experts with FULLY STAFFED ramp
• 120 pieces of ground support equipment serving all aircraft types
• For FBO reservations, call 800-848-6263 Ext. 152
• For International FBO reservations, call (011)-614-237-7290
• Lane employs four trained and certified Ground Security Coordinators
• International trash disposal
• Line personnel are certified by CBP to assist with international clearances
• Facility is capable of handling any size business aircraft with 23 passengers or fewer
• Competitive fuel pricing (fees waived with scaled fuel purchase)
• We honor most contract fuel programs and accept all major credit cards
• The Lane Aviation Team can also assist with narrow body and wide body aircraft international inbounds at the CMH airport terminal gates
• Six deicing and anti-icing trucks
• DCA Gateway Facility
• FAA Part 145 repair

Quick Turn Commitment

For over three quarters of a century Lane Aviation has been proudly serving the general aviation community. With the addition of our new Customs/CBP General Aviation Facility we intend to continue our long standing reputation by exceeding your expectations.

Our Quick Turn Commitment (QTC) is simple…
Once Customs has cleared your aircraft into the United States we commit to turning it around within 15 minutes.
• Including fuel
• Inducing payment
• Including coffee, ice and papers
• Including international trash
• Not including trips to the restroom

If we don’t meet your expectations, we will give you a $50 gift card. When planning your next international arrival, THINK OF LANE!